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The Guildford Mukono Link

The Guildford Mukono Link was established in 2003 to foster an understanding between our two communities.

It is through friendship that we have found many ways of working together.

Originally links were formed with schools, but over time this has extended to institutions and individuals in both communities.

Many of the initiatives have been spontaneous from chance meetings, others have arisen because a need has been identified but all are based on respect for each others culture and institutions.

There are now ten linked schools, and with support from the British Council, many teachers from Mukono and Guildford have visited their linked schools.

They have been able to experience the different teaching methods and understand the challenges that face their linked schools.

Mukono schools lack resources, have up to 140 in a class, and follow a curriculum that requires much learning of facts but less attention to understanding
while Guildford schools face the challenge of keeping children focused and motivated.

The sharing of projects and letters has helped bring an understanding and respect of each other as a people.

Guildford children are impressed that although some children in Mukono may walk long distances to school and have no lunch
at a shared sports day the best results were from a school in Mukono.

Perhaps the greatest moment was when the formality of a video conference between two linked schools was broken when someone made a joke and everyone laughed!

Every year a group from Guildford visits Mukono to renew friendships and visitors have the opportunity to spend time in classrooms, visit farms,
see the facilities in hospitals and meet the people of Mukono in many situations.

Through these informal meetings, many project ideas have been conceived:

Many initiatives have started because visitors from Guildford have realized they can see a way of contributing to the benefit of Mukono and at the same time develop a
deeper understanding of the links between the two communities.

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