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Mukono Brass Band

A reception was held in 2010 to celebrate the opening of the Sallie Thornberry memorial library which was attended by Sallie's daughter, Emily Thornberry MP.

At the celebration Emily was invited to plant a tree in memory of her Mum, and a small brass band played Sallie's favourite tune - The Red Flag (or 'Maryland' to Jazz enthusiasts) - an emotional moment.

The band's brass instruments were in poor condition - and those attending decided to seek some better ones.

Musical supporters approached Surrey Arts and enquired if there were any surplus brass instruments available.
Surrey school instruments are periodically brought to Guildford, sorted, restored and redistributed. The ones that are uneconomic to restore are put aside.
We have kindly been given 35 of these 'retired' instruments which have been taken to Mukono and used by the Mukono Arts Centre for educating young people.

Mukono Arts Centre now has a splendid brass band educational section that works alongside its African music section.
It performs for the District on appropriate occasions. It provides a wonderful environment for aspiring musicians of all ages.

William Bulega is in charge of Mukono Arts Centre and will welcome any interest from Guildford in any aspect of its activities.

Please click here to view an article written by Eleanor Harber who visited the Mukono Arts Centre.

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